Your Little Champ Can Now Write Some Numbers

Before your little one starts writing numbers and letters, he has to understand the concept of numbers and their order besides his visual perception of numbers and fine motor skills, which are work in progress at this stage. On an average, children by now are able to write numbers from “0” to “9”. Some may still be trying to learn how to read numbers. 

What you need to know

Your Little Champ Can Now Write Some Numbers

As your child gets a sense of counting sequence and pencil control, he will attempt at writing numbers.

Be creative when you are trying to teach him how to write numbers. You can also use flash cards, build a tower of blocks, tell him to put ‘1’ or ‘2’ blocks in the basket(based on the number being discussed), use dice to count the number of dots, etc. Make it fun and engaging for your little one. 

Help him learn numbers, one at a time. Move to the next number only when he has mastered the previous number.

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