Your Little Darling Is Likely To Have Different Fears

Your Little Darling Is Likely To Have Different Fears
Expressing emotions

By now your darling must have begun to understand emotions. Whenever someone around is sad, he tries to make them happy with his cute gestures. However, with growing understanding of emotions, your child also has a different set of fears.

What you need to know

Your child can have a list of fears, starting from monsters under bed to ghosts coming out of the blue if he doesn't finish his food. As each day passes, your child is learning new things. Out of fear of the monster your child finishes his meals. This is not good for your child's mental growth, he will always fear the monster and it won't get easily erased from his brain later on. This makes him scared and he is unable to go on his own, to the other room. Rather than arising fears, make him understand the benefits of having a proper diet and let him know that there are no such things as monsters. He has the ability to understand you, so make use of it the right way.