Your Little Darling Is Now Able To Balance Better

By now your child must have mastered the art of balancing his body. He now may be all set to balance on his cycle. But don't rush it, since you wouldn't want any unwarranted accidents to take place.

What you need to know

Since your child is able to balance himself properly you can play a lot of games with your darling so that his balancing skills are enhanced. You can give him a ball and ask him to kick the ball this way you spend quality time with your child. He now can feed himself properly and put his spoon directly in his mouth.

Your Little Darling Is Now Able To Balance Better

As you help your child, in the coming days he would be able to ride a tricycle and then a bicycle too. It is such an excitement to see your child ride a cycle and balance it on his own without your support!




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