Your Little Food Connoisseur Is Exploring His Taste Buds

You can find your little one preferring to eat out more often. He is opening up to try different cuisines. From sweet to salty, salty to sour, sour to spicy, your child is now ready to have all types of tastes on his platter.

What you can do 

Introduce as many varieties as possible. Explain the different nutrients present in each food and what they do to our body. Promote healthy eating by keeping junk foods and aerated drinks out of reach. Early food habits go a long way in shaping the child’s future food choices. Advertisements in media will lure the little one who in turn will ask you to get or make them. Do not refuse instantly. Instead, offer what is asked for once but also help them understand the after-effects of regularly consuming those food items.Your Little Food Connoisseur Is Exploring His Taste Buds

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