Your Little One Can Be A Little Helper In The Kitchen Too

At this age, your kid loves role plays and because he sees his mommy the most, this is the role he wants to play the most. He is always observing how his mother moves around in the kitchen, uses the different utensils and gadgets to cook food. Your child is showing remarkable improvement in the way the fingers work, so now is the time to give activities that are more dexterity and precision driven.Your Little One Can Be A Little Helper In The Kitchen Too

What you can do 

Letting your child imitate your actions will help refine your little one's fine motor skills. Additionally, children this age become fussy eaters and getting them to help in preparing the food will make them love the concept of eating their own creation. The only thing you need to be careful about is to supervise them constantly while they are working in the kitchen.

Activities like Kneading and Peeling a Boiled Potato help refine his finger movements; Setting the Table and Spreading Butter on bread enhance his eye-hand coordination. Engage your young assistant in more activities like these. These will not only improve their fine motor skills but also add confidence and self-esteem to their personality.

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