Your Little One Can Now Drink Using A Straw

Your child can now drink using a straw, she will develop a coordinated sucking and swallowing pattern to drink from it with ease. It may take few attempts initially before she starts drinking from a straw. 

What you need to know

At this stage, help her understand how the act functions by showing how to put her lips around the straw and squeeze the juice or water and then release the straw so that the liquid flows in the mouth. Go step by step. This is a new feeding skill for her. If she is not comfortable, put the straws away and try again a few days later. Straw drinking can cause your child to swallow quickly, which can cause cough. Swallowing is a coordinated action. Hence, take time with the process. Ensure she is well seated. 

Your Little One Can Now Drink Using A Straw

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