Your Little One Can Now Identify Different Matching Patterns

Your Little One Can Now Identify Different Matching Patterns

At this age, your darling will identify the different shapes like circle (round), square, triangle, rectangle, diamond and so on. She will relate the shapes to the objects at home. She can also differentiate the colours of the objects. 

What you need to know

At this stage, she will connect the round shape to the rotis, wheel chips, dinner plates, the square shape to the television etc. She will draw more complex shapes like triangle and diamond. Inculcating the concepts of different patterns will enable her to be exposed to logical and visual thinking and analysing. Normally at the age of six, she will be able to count till 100 at ease. You can encourage her by giving a plastic knife which is not very sharp. By cutting, she will learn longitudinal, horizontal, cross-sectional, thickness of slices. These visual impressions stay in her memory and will help her later when she learns concepts at school. She will draw comparisons and will be able to differentiate different objects on the basis of their colour and shape.

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