Your Little One Has Started Exploring Her Imaginative Skills

Your Little One Has Started Exploring Her Imaginative Skills
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Your child has crossed the infancy stage and has stepped into schooling - a completely new phase! In this phase, she is opening up to adapting to new things and activities. At the same time, she is also exploring her imaginative side and this can be put to a lot of fun-filled learning activities.

What you can do

Imaginative skills are very important to help the little one create her own thought processes. You can really help your kid polish his imaginative powers. Start off with basic activities such as asking the child to draw a character using these thoughts. Do not confuse the kid but tell her that she has to draw a figure that can be human, animal or a combination of both. This task would test the kid’s brain in a positive manner.

You can assist the kid at every step so that she stays motivated and maintains her focus. Make sure you perform this activity when the child is not irritated or in a bad mood. Try and keep this task under a fun format. For example- you can compete with the kid which would boost his confidence.

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