Your Little One Is Able To Draw A Simple House

Your Little One Is Able To Draw A Simple House
Eye-Hand movement
Cognitive Development

At this age, your kiddo is exploring many of his skills. His emotional, intellectual, artistic and reasoning abilities start developing. He starts with scribbling, making lines and gradually starts drawing. He is now making simple shapes and is able to draw a simple house.

What you need to know

Your kid is growing so you have to extend all your support to him. Spend quality time with him. Give him coloring books to color, simple drawing books to draw shapes. Sit besides him and guide to complete the coloring or drawing. Introduce shapes, and with it make him draw objects. Check whether coloring  is in uniform and not getting out of the boundary lines of the  picture. Keep an eye on his improvement. Remember a child’s development is greatly influenced by his environment and the experiences he has. Appreciate his drawing, showcase it in front of friends and family. Give stars and smileys as a gesture of reward for the good work he has done. Increase it with his improvement. Guide him and talk to him. 

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