Your Little One Is Able To Play Simple 'Catch The Ball' Game

Your Little One Is Able To Play Simple 'Catch The Ball' Game
Muscle Coordination

Your child will start to get the hang of using his whole arm to throw a ball. He is now over 3 years old, so catching also becomes easier for him.

What you need to know

Now your little one will start learning how to throw a ball by rolling it towards you. He will then go on to bouncing a ball and throwing overhand or underhand. Your kiddo will start to feel less threatened when something travels fast or something that seems to be flying at his face or body. For throwing indoors, soft, spongy balls are good.

Your little one will gradually get more skillful at throwing. At this age, your child may throw a ball overhand and be able to catch a larger ball. You can encourage him by starting to roll a ball back-and-forth with your kiddo on the floor. This reinforces the same back and forth motion that he will need when he plays catch. It also helps him to learn how to follow the ball with his eyes. Once your kid has mastered this, he can move onto larger distances and smaller balls. As he has a set of friends now and goes to school, he will automatically love playing this game in his break time.