Your Little One is Already Fit For Some Critical Thinking

Your cuteheart is growing fast and believe it or not, he is actually capable of some beginners' level critical thinking. However, you may think some aspects going against this fact. Such as, does your child fail to ask a lot of questions and lets you or their friends decide everything? Or is your child a clever manipulator? Does your little one always believe what’s shown on television? Well, different children have different kinds of thought processes. But as parents, we have to nurture their critical thinking, even if they are merely 3 years old.

What you need to know
Critical thinking comprises of various skills that can help your kids make decisions, simple decisions such as what ice-cream flavor they would like to eat, the child they would like to go on a playdate with or the food they would eat in the morning. There are numerous ways to help your kids think critically.

What you need to do
For instance, you can allow them to think critically by being clear in your explanations and examples. At the same time, you should encourage them to ask questions. When your child is explaining something, motivate them to be accurate.Your Little One is Already Fit For Some Critical Thinking

For instance, if they say there are blue blocks in the bag, ask them how many blue blocks. Similarly, support your child’s ability to be logical, help them see through things. Lastly, encourage your child to have more empathy by helping them understand others’ point of view. For instance, if you don’t share your toys, your friend will feel bad.




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