Your Little One Is Now Able To Run Smoothly And Control His Speed

Your Little One Is Now Able To Run Smoothly And Control His Speed
Gross Motor
Gross motor

Your little one who up until now was happy sitting and playing with his toys will start to become very active. He will love to jump, run, skip, climb and dance. He will show delight in doing them.

What you need to know

Along with his cognitive, emotional and social development, his physical development is increasing tremendously. At this point you will notice that your child now has got physically stronger and will start indulging in a lot of physical activities. He will be able to run smoothly and control his speed. He can jump over obstacles, hop on one foot, balance on one foot for several seconds, walk up and down the stairs and pedal a tricycle. He may roll and bounce a ball. He will develop increased coordination and balance. His daily movement will help him in his muscle development and also his confidence as he runs faster and jumps further.

All children are different and develop at their own pace. Don’t worry if your child is not able to accomplish any one of the mentioned above activities. Give him the physical freedom to run, jump and climb. You can take him to a park or a playground where he can run around and enjoy himself.

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