Your Little One is Now More Fit For Some Musical Learning

Your Little One is Now More Fit For Some Musical Learning
Eye-Hand movement

Your child's senses are fast growing and all those lullabies you sang to her from her birth are still etched to her mind.

Lullaby and babies are inseparable, and if your toddler has a keen sense of music, chances are that music will soothe her easily in several situations like when they are agitated or sleepy. Music not only calms your child but also helps your toddler to learn a lot. Understanding the ascending and descending notes of music have been shown to improve the mathematical skills.

What you need to know

1. Learning through music also cultivates creativity and curiosity in your toddler. Children are famous for converting buckets , table tops and hard surface to homemade drums and other musical instruments. This helps them to learn a lot on their own.

2. Some kids tend to follow a musical note and replicate the same through singing, while some can produce the same beats that they have heard.

Thus, encouraging your child to make their own instruments or teaching your child to create one is itself a learning experience. Simple and safe instruments like rice in a bottle or a spoon and bucket can amuse your child considerably.