Your Little One is Ready For Some Responsibilities- Start With Some Chores

Your kiddo understands a lot of things now and is actually capable of handing some tiny resposibilities. So, you were preparing dinner and turned around to see that your child was trying to dust the dining table. They looked so cute, didn’t they? Well, kids love to take up responsibilities, especially the ones that are 3-4 year old. As a matter of fact, they must be entrusted with simple, age-appropriate responsibilities in the form of chores that can help them learn and develop.

What you need to know

For example, your child should take care of personal chores such as brushing their teeth or putting on their shoes and jacket. They should be allowed to pick up their own toys or keep the books that they scattered in the evening. Similarly, they can be given other responsibilities as well. For instance, they can make their bed after taking tutorials from you and place water bottles on the dining table.Your Little One is Ready For Some Responsibilities- Start With Some Chores

They can even help you sweep the porch and collect small sticks from the backyard or wash outdoor toys and wipe windows. Just make sure that you are overseeing their activities.

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