Your Little One is Ready To Learn Politeness and Good Behaviour Now

Your kiddo at this stage is usually loud. They love to play around boisterously, and have fun. They playfully shout a lot, and talk animatedly with everyone. At times such behavior can be ignored and laughed off, but it should not be continued in the long run. Such habits might create trouble in future course and hence, it is advisable to teach the benefits of politeness to your kid. 

What you need to do
Tell them to speak politely to everyone. They should not shout unnecessarily. Whenever your kid shouts or creates a fuss, talk to them gently. Tell them that shouting or speaking loudly is not a good habit. People do not approve of it. Make them understand being polite will make their life more pleasant. Be careful that you should also keep your patience in this process.Your Little One is Ready To Learn Politeness and Good Behaviour Now

They might not understand you right away, so you must be ready to explain to them again.

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