Your Little One Is Ready To Learn The Art Of Patience

Your Little One Is Ready To Learn The Art Of Patience
Self Regulation

Whether you go to a grocery store or a doctor’s clinic, you can expect a long wait in the queue. Letting your little cutie pie cope with waiting will be a challenging task. but at this stage of his development, he is all ready to learn the art of patience and understand the situation when trained, the right way.

What you need to know

Toddlers live in present moment and they want things NOW! So, helping them develop patience at this stage, can be challenging but not impossible. They do not know the difference between good and bad behaviour. Patience and self control will gradually improve with child development.


When they start learning language, they develop the ability to converse and regulate their behaviour. Also, as age advances, their long term memory increases and helps them remember rules and limits previously set.

What you can do

Play games that teach them self control. Use words like “Stop and go”, “fast and slow”, “loud and soft”, “whisper and shout”. Songs like “head, shoulders, knees and toes”, “Freeze and dance” can be a great way to teach your baby to control his body by moving fast and slow. If your little one is requesting an item, you can say “Sure I'll get it for you, wait a minute, mommy is coming”.


Slowly increase the waiting time thereafter. Try to bargain with your little one by using comments like, “You can have one cookie now, or you can have 2 cookies if you wait until after dinner”. These type of choices will encourage your little one to control his impulse wait for the best reward.

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