Your Little One Needs Unstructured Play To Practice His Learning

At this age, your child needs to play without restrictions and conditions at least for a few minutes in a day. It can be self play or playing with friends and family members. This helps him put to practice what he has just learned in a structured setting and test its validity. It is a continuous process of unlearning and relearning through hands on experience. 

What you need to know

Your Little One Needs Unstructured Play To Practice His Learning

While we adore and exemplify brain development games, the role of unstructured play in cognitive development is often underestimated. Empirical evidences state that a break of 10-20 minutes in school routine when children are allowed to play freely has resulted in higher concentration levels and improved academic performance. These free play activities should not be substituted with structured games or sports classes. 

The initial interactions will unfold into further games and fun activities and help him explore and learn from observations and simulated experiences. Take the case of a child playing building blocks with a friend. The inherent benefits could include:  Improved fine motor skills, Better understanding of colors, shapes and numbers, Increased creativity, Replication of real life scenarios such as commuting to school by bus etc. Follow your child’s free play activities to know him better.




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