Your Little One Now Loves Exploring The Neighborhood

At this age, your little one will be curious to explore his neighbourhood like the market place, parks, ATM centres and so on.

What you need to know

During evenings, after school, your kid will enjoy a walk to explore the market place. Expose him to the various stalls of vegetables, fruits, provisions. The colony parks near your home will break a ground for his learning and pave a path to associate with his neighbours. While getting to know his neighbourhood, your genius will have innumerable queries and you must answer them wisely, aptly and patiently to quench his thirst for knowledge.

Your Little One Now Loves Exploring The Neighborhood

Understanding his surroundings at young age will nurture for his holistic development. A visit to ATM centre will expose him to the various processes involved right from inserting the card; entering pin number and collecting the cash from the machine. This will raise his curiosity that is involved in the mechanism of the machine.

These exposures will not only be fun but will also help him learn and mingle with different types of people from the various walks of life.




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