Your Little One Now Understands Elements OF Conversations Better

Your child is developing his sense of worth and has a strong inclination towards letting everyone know how independent, intelligent and knowledgeable he is. You will see him communicating and carrying out conversation like adults. In the process, he may negotiate for his wants or argue to prove his point with peers and adults. This is normal. At times, you need to exercise being firm as he gets wilful or defiant. Though challenging, it's part of growing up.Your Little One Now Understands Elements OF Conversations Better

What you need to know

Work on developing your child’s thinking, language and concentration abilities through age appropriate activities. These abilities  will help him converse better and put forth his ideas logically and clearly. 

By being firm and setting limits, you can work with your child if he gets defiant. Also, model the right behaviour in front of your darling child. 

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