Your Little One's Aiming Skills Will Get Better Now

Your little one’s gross motor and physical skills are developing at a fast pace. At this stage, he will start to explore new ways to move, learn to control his movements in various spaces and learn how to aim at a particular object. Physical play is very important means to develop gross motor skills.  

What you need to know

Physical activities will help your little one to become confident in his movement skills. They help to develop bilateral skills, hand and eye coordination, timing, sequencing, motor planning and attention. Introducing your little one to “ball activities” is the best way to help them explore aiming skills. Ball activities include throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking, hitting and aiming for a target. 

Your Little One's Aiming Skills Will Get Better Now

What you can do

Introduce your little pie to activities that will help him improve his aiming skills- like rolling a ball in a straight line to hit a target, throwing a ball at a target on the wall or ground, hitting a ball with a bat or a rolled newspaper at a target, kicking the ball with his foot or hand, kicking a ball or a balloon that is hanging just above the ground or kicking the ball between two rope lines. Have your little one throw a ball or a rolled up socks into laundry basket or a hoop. You can also work it the other way round by making him hold the basket and you throwing the ball. This way, he will work to move his body to the direction of the object that you throw. 

You can also use items like chairs, tables, boxes to set up as obstacles for your child to explore moving around and reaching a target. Encourage him to decide on the part to take to reach the target.




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