Your Little One's Bonding Spree With Family Members At This Stage

Your child has been under your sanctuary since she was an infant. At this age when they have learnt to interact and communicate it is important for them to learn about family values and strengthen their rapport with you as well as other family members. You should ensure that your kid is familiar with every member of the family and have a unique bond with each person.

What you need to know

There are different ways in which you can help the little one bond with different individuals in your house. The first step is to make the child greet every member when they meet. Let the child observe and understand the person. Make sure you give a proper explanation about the bond you share and what relationship the child shares with that particular person. Plan out family outings which would help the kid interact and get comfortable with the family.Your Little One's Bonding Spree With Family Members At This Stage

The child learns through the behaviour of the parents. Respect your elders and make sure the child is focusing on you that time.




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