Your Preschooler is Ready for Some Manners Relating to Hygiene

Your Preschooler is Ready for Some Manners Relating to Hygiene

Your child has recently entered pre-school and would grow smart and sensible. This is the time when you as a parent must focus a lot on his health and hygiene as the kid has now started to interact with the outside world.
What you need to know
There is some basic etiquette that must be developed in the kid so that he protects himself and others from catching any type of disease or heath issue. Teach the pre-schooler how to cover his mouth whenever he coughs. The first step should be to make the kid learn why this is done. Make him aware about the germs we emit when we cough and how it can prove harmful for the one who catches it.

What you need to do
Demonstrate the use of a handkerchief for this task. It would take some time for the child to develop this habit so be patient. The same should be taught whenever the kid needs to sneeze. These are among some basic etiquette that would make the child grow into a well-mannered human being.




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