Your Preschooler Loves To Ask Questions A Lot

Your Preschooler Loves To Ask Questions A Lot
3y to 4y
Problem solving
Your darling 3 year old has now started to go to preschool. At this stage, you will notice that she asks a lot of questions. She is curious about everything happening around her and her new favourite word is ‘Why?’
What you need to know
An exposure to a wider social circle and environment sparks the curiosity in your child.
Consider yourself lucky to have a child who is hungry for knowledge and is taking part in her own learning process. This is an important milestone in the cognitive development of a child. Use this curiosity to educate your child and make learning fun. Show her pictures and use age appropriate vocabulary to help your child best understand the concepts she is curious about.
Occasionally, you may find yourselves exasperated with the non-stop tirade of questions regarding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of everything. Try not to stifle your child’s curiosity by asking her to stop asking so many questions. Encourage her to ask more questions about anything that puzzles her and help cultivate her curiousity.
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