Your Preschooler Needs Some Instructions For His Life Now

As your child steps out of your safe haven, it is important to ensure that the little one is equipped with basic information for cases of emergency.

What you can do

You need to give him some instructions for emergency situations that will help him safeguard himself. He must know his address, parents' names, place of work, and phone number to reach you when needed. Make sure he remembers important information on his school viz., scholl name, class, teacher’s name and bus route number (if any). 

Your Preschooler Needs Some Instructions For His Life Now

Apart from keeping the above information handy he should also be given instructions on how to deal with situations when he has strangers around. The basics of not talking and accepting anything from strangers and to inform a teacher or a parent if he experiences a bad touch from anyone, should be repeatedly enforced as he's growing up. He should also be taught to reach out to the nearest adult when he feels unwell.

Keep regularly checking with your kid if he faced any strange situation for he may not always know what constitutes an unsafe situation. Encourage him to confide in you so you can ensure he knows how to deal with emergency situations.




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