Your Preschooler's Tantrums Could Be Because Of A Deeper Reason

Your Preschooler's Tantrums Could Be Because Of A Deeper Reason

At this age, it is very commont for your toddler to display temper tantrums in some way or the other. A cranky child is mostly a tired or hungry or sleepy child. Ensure that these physical discomforts are ruled out before proceeding to analyze the root cause of the kid’s demand.

What you can do

Dealing with your kid's tantrums can get really difficult but talking to him can really help. For instance, your child might not want to go to school one fine morning. Letting him stay at home for a day will not solve the issue. Talk to him caringly to understand the reason. If your child cries hard and screams, let him do it. Built up feelings erupt occasionally which should not be supressed any further. Wait patiently for him to get composed and offer genuine empathy. This will make your child feel loved.

You can also discuss solutions with your kid and make him a part of the decision making process. On reasoning out you may actually find that these tantrums could be because of his friends teasing him, strict school rules or simply staying away from home for a longer duration. Offer help by agreeing to talk to the concerned person or spending more time together during weekends. Discuss your course of action with your child before executing to seek your child’s support and win his confidence. Such steps will result in decreased tantrum displays in future as the child knows an easier way out of problems – to talk to you.

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