Your School Goer Is Now Ready For Assessment At School

Your School Goer Is Now Ready For Assessment At School

Now that your child spends a good amount of time at school bonding with his teachers and peers, learning new things, as a parent you are eager to know how he is doing at school. Parent Teacher Conferences are very useful in getting answers to queries about your child. However, due to limited time allotted for each meeting, efforts should be made towards making the meeting beneficial both for the parent as well as the teacher.

What you need to know

A few days before the meeting, ask your child how he is finding school. Questions based on his friends, teachers, classwork and homework etc will give you a basic idea about how he finds school. Noting down responses often helps. If you have any questions relating to issues like homework, interaction with peers, what skills he needs to brush up on, how he responds in class etc, note them down before the meeting.  

On the day of the meeting, it will be better if both parents attend. This will also give the teacher an opportunity to meet both of you and also sensitize her about your involvement in the child’s education and development. Get to hear from the teacher first. What has she got to say about your child? Based on her inputs, you can put forth your questions. If the teacher brings up a problem, avoid getting defensive. Listen to all that she has to say. Ask the teacher how to help the child get better. During the meeting find out the areas where he/she has room to develop and end the meeting with a plan of action.

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