Your Shy Kiddo Will Now Make Friends

At this stage, your challenge is to find ways to work with and celebrate the way your child is. He will be start to explore his social life now. Each child comes into the world with a different set of potential characteristics. 

What you need to know:

At this point if your child acts shy, he needs you to lovingly accept and validate him just the way he is, while at the same time warmly encouraging him, indicating that things are actually safer than he can tell. See what you can do to get your child engaged in the plan to handle this situation. You might take a pile of stuffed animals and set one up with a book and play story time. If he begins to laugh, he will gain confidence in himself as you play this game over and over. If your child is having trouble breaking out of his isolated behavior with simple encouragement, you might need to help your child in a more active way. Get close and make eye contact. Listen if he begins to cry. Don’t try to talk with your child out of his feelings of fear or upset. 

Your Shy Kiddo Will Now Make Friends

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