Your Sweetheart is Growing up and is Now Capable of Opening the Door!

Your Sweetheart is Growing up and is Now Capable of Opening the Door!

You have now seen your little one grow from his infant stage to an age where he has to learn numerous things about life. His gross motor skills are now getting polished and he can now actually open the door by himself! There are some basic activities which must be taught for the benefit of the kid to strengthen this development.

What you need to know
Motor skills are very important in order to sharpen your child’s brain and make him learn the use of his hands and legs. Have you seen your child trying to open the door? If yes, then you must train him in this activity. Start off with lessons on how to firmly hold an item. This would help the kid in grasping the door knob.

What you need to do 
After this lesson you have to practically demonstrate the exact turning motion of the knob to the child. Repeat it quite a few times so that he observes it properly. The last step is to learn how to push the door. It might require some strength so teach the little one to use his both hands for this task. Don’t pressurize the kid to learn it instantly as such activities take time to perfect.




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