Your Sweetheart Will Have More Faith in Her Skills Now

Your bundle of joy is getting to be more creative which is crucial in her overall development. In this domain of development, she continues to show high confidence and belief in her abilities and skills. She is highly motivated, takes pleasure in challenges and includes fantasy in her play with peers.

What you need to know

For example, seeing you cooking, she will play with her kitchen toys and model the same behaviour. As a parent, you can provide various creative avenues that will foster her creativity and intellectual growth. Through play, she develops and advances her creative expression. She and her friend can take on teacher and student roles and enact things that happen in the classroom. To facilitate this imagination, you can provide a white board and marker in her room.

What you can doYour Sweetheart Will Have More Faith in Her Skills Now

Another way to enhance her creativity and problem solving abilities can be by letting her discover rather than providing immediate answers. For example, while doing an art project, she wants a pink colour. You can talk to her about the concept of mixing colours- white and red. Let her discover the pink colour on mixing colours, which is a novel and unexpected way to use art supplies and also contribute to your child’s divergent thinking. Also encourage your child to find new uses of a particular thing.

For instance, besides making snowman what else can be done with a mountain of snow? A round bowl can be used to make a circle. Sugar cubes can be used to make blocks etc. Exposure to creative arts like art, dance, drama, music are opportunities where through practice and motivation your child will nurture creativity, imagination and problem solving abilities.

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