Your Toddler Can Now Practice Little Acts of Kindness

Your Toddler Can Now Practice Little Acts of Kindness

At this age, your kid is really receptive to what you teach and start implementing what they learn from you in their daily lives. Thus, it becomes even more important to take a proactive approach towards raising kind children. Social skills take time to develop and often need a lot of practice, so start early.

What you can do

Kids are born with an inherent capacity to be compassionate. This can be observed when your kid plays with a stuffed toy. However this compassion competes with their developmental stages and they may impulsively do and say things that are unkind. Instead of rebuking your child at this time, tell her that you understand it was unintentional but it was hurtful as well. Be sweet and kind with her at all times to be their role model.

Teach your child words to use when they need something instead of nagging and pushing for the thing. Have some set rules that your child must follow at all times. Make sure that your child knows that name calling is not allowed. Use positive reinforcement like praises and rewards every time your child shows an act of compassion towards friends or other family members.

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