Your Toddler Is Likely To Be Moody Now

Your Toddler Is Likely To Be Moody Now

At this point, pouting, sulking and whining are three of the most annoying ways that your kid may use to communicate his displeasure, anger or frustration with a situation. 

What you need to know:

At this age, it is normal for your child to display such behaviours.  If you start blaming, accusing or trying to reason with your child about this type of behavior, you are just making things worse. The behavior will continue if you continue to get sucked in by it. When your kid walks around the house in a huff in order to get his way, that means someone, probably one or both of you is still reacting to it. Your child’s freedom to speak his mind assumes one primary condition: that it is safe for your kid to express himself in your house. Don’t forget, this behavior may be a replacement form of communication for him who doesn't feel safe saying what he really want to say. Instead, he uses other, more passive methods to let people know he is unhappy, without actually having to take responsibility for it.