Your Toddler Is Small For 'High Expectations'

At this stage, you as a parent want the best for your child, you worry about your child a lot, and you want him to hit the age appropriate targets for his behavior. Shouldn't your child be toilet trained by the age of 3? Your expectations for your child's behavior tends to be too high. 

What you need to know:

Your expectations of your child’s psychological abilities, even more than of his physical abilities, are typically much too high. Sometimes you consistently overestimate his self-control, ability to persevere and stay on task, consistency of performance, and social ability. It’s not about permissiveness or strictness here; it’s about accurately estimating your child's actual abilities. It shows that you expect him to do things he is not yet able to do and that you judge and punish your child according to that expectation.

Your Toddler Is Small For 'High Expectations'

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