6 Things Women Struggling with Infertility Want Others to Know

During the National Infertility Awareness Week, to spark the discussion around the issue many women with fertility problems were asked what they wished people to know about infertility, what not to say, how to assist and some of the common mistaken beliefs they deal with.

Check out their responses to respond to them confidently.

1. Soothing words matter

We as women must be more supportive and understanding about what other women are going through. Words matter while going through this period. Though people have good intentions, they don’t realise how wounding their words can be sometimes. Words such as “just relax”, “let it happen”, “why don’t you go for adoption”, are similar to adding fuel to the fire. The better words people can say could be “I will stand by you”, “You can lean on me”, and “I love you, dear.”

6 Things Women Struggling with Infertility Want Others to Know

2. Never ask a woman when she intends to have kids

Many of us would have seen the school going girls in their play, dream of motherhood right from that age itself. For some women with infertility, it is so cruel that it shatters their dream.

People must stop constantly asking a woman of certain age when she intends to have children. It is an impolite and impersonal question.

3. Don’t point at a woman for fertility issues.

According to the World Health Organisation, infertility is a disease of the reproductive system and it doesn’t always lie with the women alone.

In some infertility cases, there is no noticeable cause and that makes treatment even more complicated. Doctors are at a loss to reason out the cause. It is something beyond explanation and medical science.

4. Infertility is exhausting emotionally and physically

According to research, the charge and anxiety that take on a woman’s emotions are similar to the experience of cancer. When a woman with infertility is prescribed Progesterone, these hormones often make her feel drained, dizzy, an increase in appetite and a mass of other complications. Enquire how you can understand more about infertility.

As the treatment is exhausting physically and emotionally offer physical help such as preparing a meal, doing laundry or providing some mental relaxation by watching a funny or comedy movie together.

5. Fertility treatment is unpredictable.

When a woman reveals that she is undergoing fertility treatment, it is better not to say “how exciting!”. Rather understand that the procedure involves weeks and weeks of painful injections, sleeplessness with great anxiety and uncertainty. People can also say that they want to offer support and don’t know how. Simple words like “Are you all right?”, “What else you want?” can be boosting the women with infertility’s morale.

Understand that going through IVF treatment, certainly doesn’t mean they’ll positively get pregnant. Do not share the miracle stories of some women getting pregnant before the IVF treatment. It will be hurtful to hear about it or will seem to be giving fake hope. It is better to focus on the journey of IVF treatment and not to hurt by comparing with another woman who has conceived.

6. Infertility is extremely setting apart

It can be a lonely journey full of pain, exhaustion and anxiety, Attending baby showers or kids’ birthday parties would be incredibly isolating for women with infertility. They cannot share stories like how sleepless nights been spent to nurse the baby, baby food options, the journey of pregnancy or labour. They are definitely enduring for God’s timing to be blessed with children.

To crown it all, it’s absolutely ok if you are not an expert in infertility. You can always seek resources to gain knowledge about infertility and render timely assistance.  Become concerned with the costs involved in IVF treatment.

A Fertility Network in the UK has a factsheet for the couples going through IVF treatment. People can get awareness and can be helpful, caring and supportive not only mentally but also with the medical procedures the women go through in the journey of infertility.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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