How to Deal with Infertility as a Couple?

Are you the couple eagerly waiting to become parents? If it’s the struggle with infertility, then relax, since you are not alone. A recent study says that twelve percent of women face this issue, that is, one out of eight women.

But there is hope – in one way or the other to become the proud parent you have been dreaming. It can be either through innumerable reproductive technology or adoption.

How to Deal with Infertility as a Couple?

But dealing with infertility as a couple is truly a difficult emotional journey. It’s natural to feel grief, loss, overwhelmed, shame and stress. The effects of these emotional and physical struggles can adversely affect the rest of your life.

How to deal with infertility?

Here’s how to deal with infertility in a healthy way and assist to keep your relationship strong and also your parenthood dreams alive.

• Coping with infertility

This is the first step you need to deal with courage and move forward to the next phase of your life. Be honest to yourself and acknowledge your feelings and express the same to your partner to avoid emotional depression.

• Understand each other's feelings

Struggling with infertility may easily build vexation towards your partner. There are ways to address them. You have to make time to talk together periodically to share your feelings. Working together as a team will make you both feel the strength and positivity. When you know how to manage infertility in healthy ways, remember you’re likely to grow much stronger as a couple than get apart.

• Reach out to a fertility counsellor

When you and your partner find it difficult to address your feelings in a positive way, you can seek advice from a trusted fertility counsellor. Through counselling, you both may try to overcome the stress and disappointment that you are experiencing in the journey of infertility.

• Recognise your choices

Infertility is such a difficult matter that many times you feel helpless and lost. Then you may visit a professional to understand the infertility options. Once you are clear of the choices, you can step forward in a positive way in the process of fertility.

• Find occasion for fun and laughter

Just brooding over the issues of infertility will take you nowhere. Though it is easily said than done, you and your partner need to take steps to keep yourselves happy. You can feel happy by playing a sport together, watching a comedy movie, or some DIYs. Share the funny moments in your work place or some articles you have read.

• Associate with an infertility support group

Birds of same feather flock together. You can find some solace by joining an infertility support group. When the group shares their feelings, you will feel that you are not alone, there are others too in your state of life. The experiences of successful fertility therapy of a member in the group can motivate you to give it a try.

• Maintain strong relationship

In the journey of infertility, you and your spouse are not only affected individually but your relationship also gets strained.

A study in 2017 says that couples with compatibility had better communication and developed a stronger relationship against infertility.

You can feel empowered and supported when you share your feelings honestly and openly.

• Don’t feel guilty

It is obvious to experience your feelings as they come but it is equally important to avoid blaming yourself or your partner. This will only aggravate your distress. Sometimes, infertility can’t be determined and it is pointless to blame each other.

• Remember, this too shall pass

Time is a great healer. Everything heals like your body, heart, mind, soul, so also this stressful journey of infertility. Your happiness will come back. Hard times don’t last.

• The last resort

When you feel nothing is working out successfully, do not lose faith, you still have the most “special one” around. I for you; you for me.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries

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