Diaper rashes & myths: Tips and facts

Diaper rashes & myths: Tips and facts
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For your little baby, you always look for everything that is safe and sound for her gentle skin. Let’s look into the common myths that many first time mothers come across while using diapers for their newborns. You often become sceptical between the choice of saying yes to cotton nappies or diapers. 

So, let’s bust a few myths related to diapers and diaper rashes in India. But before that here’s what every first-time mom should definitely know.

What is a diaper?

A diaper is an advanced version of a nappy that is made from a cotton and absorbent material, to absorb the waste material of the baby without making her feel wet after passing discharges. It keeps the sensitive skin of the baby dry and moisturized. It also reduces the occurrence of rashes on the skin of the baby.

Most common diaper myths busted

It becomes a big question when it comes to making a choice between diapers and cotton nappies for your baby. Here are some diaper myths followed by facts that will make it clear why it wins over cotton nappies when it comes to your baby’s health:

‘Diapers don’t keep baby’s skin dry for a long time’

A diaper is more absorbent than a cloth nappy and that makes it a winner. As a mother, you have to be more careful and on your toes if you are using a cotton nappy as it is less absorbent and if it is not changed instantly, it leads to skin infections and rashes. A diaper is more enhanced when it comes to its absorbing quality and keeps your baby dry for a longer time. Your baby will experience comfortable sleep during long night hours with the regular use of diapers.

‘Diapers cause rashes on baby’s skin’

Rashes occur on the skin due to its exposure to soiled nappy or diaper for longer hours as it causes redness and infection on the skin. The diaper has the quality to convert liquid into gel and this is the reason that baby’s skin remains dry in a diaper. But when the diaper becomes full and it is not removed it becomes a possible reason for a diaper rash. While in a cloth nappy the skin of the baby is always exposed to wetness and if it is not changed quickly then it leads to rashes on the skin.

‘Diapers don’t let baby’s skin breathe’

Any diaper or cloth nappy can give rashes if the skin is not exposed to open air for some time. So just make sure that your baby’s skin is exposed to fresh air for a few hours in a day so that the skin can breathe freely. Follow this practice daily during the day and your baby will feel happy all the time.

‘Diapers are thick and heavy on baby’s skin’

Gone are the days when there were bulky diapers available in the market making your baby feel uncomfortable and heavy. Thin diapers with improved absorption channels are designed to give your baby a more comfortable life. They are good at absorbing liquids and give more comfort to the baby. So, while choosing a diaper you can easily go for the thinner ones without even giving it a second thought.

‘Diapers compromise with baby’s comfort’

Diapers are available in all the sizes as per the age of the baby, which makes them more comfortable than a cotton nappy. Even if you buy the smallest size of a cotton nappy, it remains either too loose or too tight for your baby. So, you are saved from this challenge while using a diaper as it is available in right sizes for your newborn and gives her the perfect fit. 

The advantages of using a diaper over a cloth nappy are many and it makes the life of your baby comfortable in every way. Hence, you will be more encouraged to choose a diaper over a cotton nappy to give your baby the most wanted comfort and happiness.

Possible causes of a diaper rash in your baby

1. Moisture

Although designed to be absorbent, diapers sometimes trap moisture onto your little one’s skin leaving room for bacterial infestation and eventually infections that cause rashes.

2. Chafing can cause diaper rashes in your baby

The friction between the diaper and your little one’s skin could cause rashes. This is particularly the case when your little one’s skin is very sensitive or the quality of the diaper is unsatisfactory.

3. Antibiotics can contribute to diaper rashes in your baby

Antibiotics tend to deplete the healthy microbial flora and give way to yeast and bacterial infections. If you or your little one is on an antibiotic course, chances are that you could see a sudden spurt of rashes due to the side effects of the medicine.

4. Change in foods:

Certain foods can induce allergies, which your little one is unable to fight; this eventually leads to rashes.

Grandma’s Tip: To avoid chances of diaper rashes, change the diapers as often as possible. The best way would be to change it as soon as it gets soiled without waiting. If you still see that there are blisters forming in the diaper area with swelling and more itchiness, and your child has suddenly developed a fever, it is best to consult your doctor right away!

Benefits of using diapers for your baby

1. A diaper is lightweight and very comfortable for your baby as it is easily wearable. Cloth nappy is for one-time use and it takes more effort while making your baby wear it.

2. A diaper absorbs liquid more than cotton nappies. They are breathable as well and retains moisture on the baby’s skin.

3. With frequent urination, you need to change the cotton nappy every now and then, but in the case of a diaper, you just have to change it when it is full and becomes heavy. It works for 4-5 hours easily making your baby feel comfortable.

4. A diaper keeps the skin of your baby dry and does not lead to frequent rashes. On the other hand, cotton nappies are not successful in absorbing the liquid and this might lead to rashes on the skin of your baby if it is not changed immediately.