Home Remedies for Loose Motions in Babies and Kids

Is your baby's stool watery? Is he pooping very frequently? Is he showing symptoms of diarrhea? Check our complete guide on home remedies for loose motions in babies and kids.

Loose motions or diarrhea, is the body’s way to get rid of the pathogens like bacteria and toxins from the system. During loose motions, your baby’s bowel turns watery, stinky and different color. Your baby becomes restless, irritated or cranky due to frequent watery bowel movements. Though diarrhea is treated automatically by the body within a day or two, if loose motions last longer than four days, then seek medical help for your baby as dehydration happening because of the disease is serious.

Home Remedies for Loose Motions in Babies and Kids

Causes of loose motions/diarrhea in babies

The most common causes of diarrhea are a virus, stomach infection, food allergy, rotavirus or dietary changes. Teething can also trigger loose motions in your baby. During loose motions, your baby loses water and minerals from his body which lead to dehydration. Your little one may lose his energy in no time and becomes weak. All your efforts to replenish his lost fluids goes for a toss. As a parent, it is very difficult to see your baby in pain.

Parentlane suggests few home remedies for loose motions in babies to help you manage the condition and make your child feel better.

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Symptoms of loose motions/diarrhea in babies

Some of the most common symptoms of diarrhea in little ones include:


-Loose Motions




-Abdominal pain


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Best home remedies for loose motions in babies

If your child has developed mild loose motions, do not panic but start the home remedies suggested below. Most cases of diarrhea can be managed at home, but if it continues for more than four days, a doctor must be consulted.

Breast milk

If your baby is on breastfeeding, continue to feed the little one. Breast milk has all the nutrients that are required by your baby during loose motions. If your baby is on exclusive breastfeed and is less than 6 months of age, then do not try any other home remedies for loose motions in babies.

Sago water

You can prepare sabudana water at home which is an excellent home remedy for loose motions in babies. Soak ½ cup sabudana for an hour. Boil it in sufficient water. Keep boiling till the sabudana get completely immersed in water. Strain and give sabudana water to your baby to cure his loose motions and maintain his body fluids.

ORS (Oral Rehydrated Solution)

The easiest and cheapest home remedy for loose motions in babies is ORS. Give your baby oral rehydration solution to replenish the lost fluids in his body. You can purchase the baby ORS sachet or it can be easily prepared at home as well. Mix 6 teaspoons of sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt in 1-liter water. Give the solution to your baby after every hour.


Banana is considered to be the oldest and most effective home remedy for loose motion in babies. It provides energy and stops loose watery motions. Mash the banana and give it to your child. You can add a banana in curd as well.

Probiotic Drinks

Probiotics drinks like curd or yogurt are stomach friendly during loose motions. Give your baby freshly prepared curd or buttermilk to restore the healthy bacteria in his digestive tract.

Pomegranate juice 

Give pomegranate juice to your baby at regular intervals to keep him hydrated. Blend the seeds in a mixer and extract the juice using a muslin cloth. Add some water to dilute it.

Other liquids that can be of help

Rice water, pulse soup, carrot juice, coconut water are other beneficial home remedies for loose motions in babies.

Important tips to remember

1. Maintain cleanliness and hygiene around your baby. Make sure all his toys and teethers are washed and disinfected.

2. Offer more liquids to your baby. Do not feed him forcefully. Instead give him small meals frequently.

3. Avoid cow’s milk and dairy products like cheese, butter etc. Give other liquids if your baby is above 6 months of age.

4. It’s important to give your baby sufficient rest.

5. Do not give any antibiotic to your baby without the consultation of a doctor.

6. Look for the root cause of loose motions in your baby and try to cure that. If your baby does not respond to home remedies of loose motions then seek medical consultation for him.

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Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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