Essential Tips for Work-At-Home Moms

First of all, work from home moms: you have all our respect and appreciation! Hats off to juggling two roles so efficiently! It takes a lot of efforts.

If you are a mom who is hesitant to leave your kids in someone else’s care, yet strive to keep your career alive, working from home might be the option for you. But choosing to work from home is much different from choosing to opt for a full-time career. People talk about how work from home mothers get to get their financial independence while simultaneously be able to spend time with their kids. So most people feel that work from home mothers enjoy the best of both worlds.

Essential Tips for Work-At-Home Moms

What many fail to understand is that it is just the contrary. They indeed experience the worst of both the worlds. It is, of course, difficult for the mothers with a full-time career to run and juggle between office and work. For the stay at home moms, their work almost always goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. So every mom faces her own struggle.

Essential tips for work from home moms

Here are some tips for the mothers who work from home- to help them stay sane and hold their house in a single piece:

1. Make a daily schedule:

This is, in fact, the first and the foremost step. If you learn to master your time management skills, working from home would be a breeze. This would ensure that your work doesn’t pile up. You would get a clarity of what lies ahead for the day and would help you prioritize your tasks and thus you would find enough time to spend with your kids as well.

2. Wake up early:

Learn to wake up early, even on the weekends. Of course, sleeping in once in a while is totally alright. But waking up early does a lot of good to your physical and mental health. When you wake up before your kids wake up, you would be able to find the much-needed solitude and a quiet few minutes for yourself. Develop a daily wake up routine, practice yoga or meditation to keep you calm and healthy for the tiring day ahead.

3. Don’t be stingy on allotting some “me” time for yourself:

Each day, allow some time for yourself. Do something you love. Read a book, listen to some soothing music and wind down on some peppy music and put on your dance shoes. Do something that would make you absolutely merry. The happier you are, the happier your family will be.

4. Make a list of age-appropriate activities for your kids:

You would be able to find a lot of engaging activities for kids of each age. Gather the ones that your kids could play unsupervised while you are busy with your work. Edible finger paints, edible play dough are great options to start with. Try and keep your kids busy with some interactive activities rather than resorting to TV or smartphone games as much as possible.

5. It’s okay to have a messy house:

The main problem starts with trying to be perfect. Understand that every little imperfection makes the parenting journey beautiful. So it is alright to leave your house messy. If you find some free time, when you have to choose between playing with your kids and cleaning up your house, always choose to spend the time with your kids. Kids remember how much fun they had with you and not how clean the house was as they grew.

6. Get help:

As moms, we often hesitate to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak in any way. Do not overwork yourself. When you are tired, or stressed, your bad mood might be reflected on your kids and family. This is not what you want, is it? Parenting takes two. Let the father get involved. Encourage him to play with the baby while you sit and catch your breath. Proceed with the parenting journey together.

7. Concentrate on your diet and exercises:

Have a daily routine of yoga or physical exercises, and hit the gym every week. Never skip a meal. Consume healthy foods and never give in to stress eating. When you feel drained after a strenuous day, ditch the temptation to grab a coffee and have a healthy fresh juice which would leave you feeling energized. A healthy you is a happy you. And a happy you is needed for a happy family.

Remember that you can only give what you have. If you are always stressed, it would do more harm to you and your family than you can imagine. Care for yourself, stop over-committing yourself. Take up work that you can do and never overload yourself with too many responsibilities. This way, you can continue working from home without going crazy and turning the whole house topsy-turvy.

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Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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