Tips for Working Moms

Most millennial mothers are often on a look out for effective tips for working moms. Challenges of being a working mother are plenty. And if you are an Indian working mother, a time comes when you have to leave your toddler behind at home with grandparents or at the daycare centre. This is initially traumatic for your child and he will show separation anxiety. He is unsure whether you will come back and thus resorts to crying and clinging.Tips for Working Moms

But even then there are ways that can help you tackle the situation wisely without causing any troubles for later.

Effective tips for working moms

Motherhood in itself is quite a challenge and add to that, being a working mother, things can actually get tricky. Fortunately, these tips might come in handy for you if you too are a working mom looking for a balance in your life:

Do not sneak away:

This will increase his fears and insecurities. Explain clearly that you will come back, say a quick goodbye, and walk away briskly. Your child will stop crying soon. When you come back, he is happy and reassured. As this continues, his trust in your return is etched in his memory and the separation anxiety disappears.

Make the right choices:

If there is an option to do so, choose to stay with your child until he is ready for school. You are his first teacher and your presence during his preschool years is invaluable.

Handling guilt:

If you have no other choice and are compelled to go back to work, do not spoil your child by pampering him to pacify your guilt. If you are a working mom, your child will soon adjust to your schedule. So, be firm in disciplining him and in following necessary family rules such as proper mealtimes and bedtime.

Being truthful and vocal about your work commitments alongside your journey of parenting is the key to balance this crucial yet wonderful phase of life. You can be a successful Indian working mother, so don't let anyone make you feel like you can't!

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