Ferticare IVF assist

Banjara-hills, Hyderabad

IVF Treatment Cost at Ferticare IVF assist, Banjara-hills, Hyderabad

IVF treatment cost at Ferticare IVF assist, Banjara-hills, Hyderabad starts with Rs 104000 and can range anywhere between Rs 93600 to 124800. Ferticare IVF assist has experienced infertility specialist who are very popular in the locality, well equipped to conduct IVF treatment in a safe manner as they are specialised in IVF / Infertility Care. You can conveniently check rates and book IVF package at Ferticare IVF assist apart from getting complete care from Parentlane. Go ahead and Grab the Best Deal Now!

Contact hospital directly for a detail package price!

Package Rates Cover Everything!

Doctor Consultations

Pre-Investigation Charges for Tests & Diagnostic

Ultrasound Charges

Hormonal Tests

Medicine Cost for Egg retrieval through Stimulation

ICSI (if needed)

OPU charges to retrieve eggs from Ovaries

Embryo formulation and culture charges in the Lab

Charges for transferring embryo in the uterus

Day-Care Room Charges

Clinical Team Charges

OT Charges

OT Consumables

Assisted Laser Hatching

Exclusions from the Package

  • Donor Cost
  • Blastocyst
  • Thawing Charges
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Additional Investigations
  • Additional Medicines

Services Available at Ferticare IVF assist

Blood Bank

Procedures Offered at Ferticare IVF assist, Banjara-hills, Hyderabad

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)