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Blood Grouping and Rh Test Price

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No fasting

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Few days

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Trimseter 1

Age Recommended:

18+ years


Blood Grouping and Rh Test Cost

Blood grouping test is done to determine a pregnant women`s blood type which is usually done during the first prenatal visit or first trimester. It is used to determine whether the blood type is A, B, AB or O. Rh typing is done to check if red blood cells have Rh protein or not. During pregnancy, women may produce antibodies against Rh factor, so in this case if pregnant women is Rh negative and her foetus is Rh positive, then it may cause damage to foetus`s red blood cells. Also, this may cause issues in later pregnancy stage.

Blood Grouping and Rh Test cost ranges between Rs.594/- to Rs.900/- , varies based on the city and labs. Get the best deal by comparing prices from leading partners and consult with experts for free as well.

TestCity or LocalityMinimum CostMaximum Cost
Blood Grouping and Rh Test-594900

Last Updated: 01 March 2023

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