All Children Have A Different Pace Of Development

All Children Have A Different Pace Of Development
  • Every child develops at his own pace. If there is a little delay in achieving the required milestone , please don’t get alarmed.  Speak to your child’s paediatrician if you have any concerns and get them clarified. Avoid comparing your child’s progress with other kids. This will make you restless and can also affect your child’s esteem as he grows up and cause a long term impact on his future. 
  • Close to one year, your child will soon be walking, exercising his new independence. He may say one or two words and understand simple questions like “Where are your eyes?” 
  • He would be able to pick up objects and eat finger foods using his thumb and forefinger. He would like to be read books and looking at picture books. He also enjoys games like peekaboo, playing with ball, etc. Praise him for his efforts with your loving words and enjoy the bonding time as this is the most memorable part of your parenting journey.