An Initial Drop In Weight Is Normal During Weaning

An Initial Drop In Weight Is Normal During Weaning
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  • As your baby starts feeding in cups, you may notice a sudden drop in their weight. This is to be expected, since they will take time to consume the same amount in cups as they used to in a bottle. Consult your pediatrician for advice.
  • As per the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP), breast milk should be fed to babies for the first six months of their life. After that, a combination of solid foods and milk can be given till the baby turns 1 year old. After the child is 1 year old, his activity level goes up as he has started walking and is also consuming solids. This may result in losing interest in nursing.
  • 'Weaning when' is a personal decison. However, sooner you start, easier it becomes for both mom and child. To facilitate this process, give milk to your baby from another source. It’s better to introduce the cup at a time when you would typically be nursing. You may see a drop in his weight during the weaning time. This is normal. Your baby needs time to adjust drinking milk from cup or bottle.  As long as he is having a healthy combination of milk and solids and is active, there is no need to worry at all. 
  • Weaning brings with it mixed emotions for many mothers. Please remember your child is now more independent and there are countless loving ways to bond with your cutiepie in the days to come.