Avoid These 3 Fruits When You Are Breastfeeding!

Avoid These 3 Fruits When You Are Breastfeeding!
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Doctors typically advise to include two bowls of fruits for breastfeeding moms. Fruits provide extra nourishment to your baby through breast feeding. But not all the fruits are suitable during breastfeeding as your baby’s wellness directly depends on your diet.

Here is the list of fruits to avoid during breastfeeding:

Citrus fruits: Fruits like orange, kiwi, grapes, pineapples many at times leave a pungent flavor to the breast milk. Your baby might object the taste or can get fussy. Also he might develop diaper rashes and it can lead to gastrointestinal tract.  

Cherry and Prunes: Apart from citrus fruits even cherry, prunes and berries can cause trouble to your baby. Cherries can cause gas problems to him as he will be developing a better digestive system.