Be Cautious When Your Baby Rolls Up and Down

Be Cautious When Your Baby Rolls Up and Down
6m to 9m

At this age, your child will begin to roll onto his stomach from lying flat on his back, one of the first milestones of the development of his motor system. Though this is an exciting time as your child is on the threshold of exploring the world around him, there are certain things that you should be mindful of as parents.

1. Make sure that your child is not left unsupervised for extended periods of time on any elevated surface such as beds. In the excitement that your little one has in exercising his new-found skill, he might fall from that surface. A very worrisome prospect indeed.

2. Your little one’s immune system is still in the process of learning a lot about his surroundings and the materials that he is interacting with. Therefore, make sure that the surfaces that you have you little one lying down on and is in contact with is hypoallergenic and uses baby friendly materials and colors, ensuring your child’s wellbeing.

3. Make sure that the play area that you are spending your child is soft and is surrounded by soft cushions, in addition to making sure that there are no sharp edges, corners or surfaces that your little one will bump when he is squirming around.

4. When you are carrying your child or when he is in your lap lying down, ensure that you are extra vigilant of your child’s movements and position. Often your child will try to turn on his side and this can sometimes cause your little one to fall out of your lap and harm himself. Hence be extra vigilant when you are laying your child on your lap during this age.