Building Connection Between A Parent And Toddler

Building Connection Between A Parent And Toddler
3m to 6m
  • Interact with your baby in every way possible. Repeat the words, make sure you give him enough time and appreciate the improvements. Help him open up and teach him the source of each sound he receives. Hearing is the first step to speech, Hence, give him the pleasure of what they are gifted.
  • Kids develop their connection, with their mothers especially, with the sound of their voice. Though they may not understand the words they can recognise the sound. Talk to them while feeding them.
  • Croon into your little one's ears while putting them to sleep. This way they associate a sense of security with your voice. Once they are used to your voice, take it further and introduce other sounds to them. This will build up their cognitive faculty and their tendency to recognise and differentiate between different sounds.