Building Stronger Bones

Building Stronger Bones
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Healthy bones are very important and you can make your child's bones stronger by helping him adopt wholesome nutritional habits from childhood. The foremost requirement to building healthy bones is food. Your baby depends on you solely for food and sleep for the initial few months.

1. Breastfeed is very important for babies' growth and development.

Do not feed anything except breast milk to your little one. As your child will require your feed at least 8-12 times throughout the day, it is very important that you eat healthy calcium rich diet with vitamin and mineral supplement prescribed by the doctor. Calcium and protein is vital for strong bones and well developed skeletal system.

2. Taking your little one to early sunlight for 10-15 mins daily will also provide VITAMIN D to him. Vitamin D is needed to absorb the calcium and also helps in development of strong bones.

3. Regularly massage your baby with good baby oil using gentle strokes. This will help in good blood circulation, lessen fussiness and crying, and will also aid in stronger bones. Keep using your affectionate touch to connect, communicate and soothe your baby.

4. When you hold your baby, it is very important to always have a hand to support his head and neck. Cup your palm at the back of your baby’s head keeping your palm like a spoon and support them until the fontanels club together.

Enjoy the bonding time with your baby.