Building Your Baby's Communication Skills

Building Your Baby's Communication Skills
Gross motor
  • At this stage, your baby needs constant stimulation to hone her communication skills. Develop your baby’s speech skills by responding to their babble and playing word games with them. Introduce new sounds which are more animated and easy to pronounce. Praise and applaud your baby whenever they make an effort to repeat a new word or sound. 
  • Babbling is baby’s way of talking. Respond to their babble just as enthusiastically and use words in between to make her try and form words. Although babies do not start using words until 18 months, it is always better to keep talking to them early on, as this helps build towards the time when they do start talking.
  • Once they start using some simple sounding terms, repeat them with animated expressions to encourage them further. Introduce to them words that are more synonymous to sounds or expressions as they are simpler to pronounce for them and easier to grasp. When the baby pronounces it correctly show your appreciation with visible signs such as smile and widening of eyes in pleasant surprise. Babies associate excitement these expressions and not only mirror them also receive the non-verbal message that they did something right.