Burp Them Up

Burp Them Up
Baby Care

Burping your child after every feed is a vital step in ensuring that your little one sleeps well after being breastfed and doesn’t regurgitate his feeds.

Here's what you need to remember:

1. Keep in mind not to excessively feed your little one. Your child has a limited gastric capacity at this age, hence excessive feeds will cause his digestive system to be overloaded and he might regurgitate his feeds.

2. After every feed, make sure that your little one’s mouth is wiped clean and there are no spillages on his body. After cleaning him up, make him lie face down with his head on top of your shoulder, arms away from his torso as you gently pat and rub his back, following a top-to-bottom direction until you elicit a small burp. Ensure that your actions are gentle and smooth

3. Burping your little one ensures that the air in his upper digestive system and stomach is evacuated, thus reducing the pressure in the abdominal cavity and reducing the discomfort that he might feel after his feeds. Though volumes may appear small, keep in mind that he is still a baby and those small values make a big difference to him.

4. Once your child has been burped, wait for at least 15-20 mins before rocking him back to sleep. This allows for adequate time for the milk that he has had can be digested by his stomach and passes into his intestines, from where it will be absorbed. Having this gap ensures that your child doesn’t regurgitate the feeds that he has been given and ensures that his sleep is peaceful, refreshing and uninterrupted.