Colic Is Common At This Time - How To Soothe Colic

Colic Is Common At This Time - How To Soothe Colic
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Colic is when your child cries excessively. Though there's a great many number of theories, there is no one singular answer as to what causes colic in babies. The problem remains that your child cries excessively and this can be particularly taxing to you as a parent.

Here are some ways that you can deal with the same

1. Burp your child properly after every meal. Burping your child relieves the pressure that builds up in your little one’s abdomen after the feed. This helps in not only avoiding regurgitation of the feeds, but helps in bringing out the pockets of air that were swallowed during the time of feeding, allowing for a smooth transit of food in your little one’s intestines.

2. Try to sing along and play with your child, engaging them with songs and rhymes making funny faces and sounds.

3. On the contrary, some children might calm down when they are taken to some more quiet and calm surroundings.

4. Rocking your child to sleep

5. Take a short drive! Getting out of the house and getting some fresh air can be helpful in calming an uncooperative child down.

6. Try keeping your child in different positions. Since your child cannot communicate what he wants, his comfort and lack of crying when he is in optimal conditions and positions reflect his preferences and you can remember the same

7. Swaddling your child to make him feel snug and comfortable also helps in calming him down.

8. Keep in mind that there are lot of different things that can help with a colicky child and it is only by a method of trial and error will you be able to identify what works for your child.