Combating Fear In Your Baby

Combating Fear In Your Baby
11m to 1y

Your little one is exploring the environment around him, be it at home, in the park, or a new place. He may exhibit many fears and you have to give him assurance from time to time that all is okay. The common fears that he encounters are fear of darkness, being left alone, strangers, change in weather, going to the doctor, flying and travelling etc.

However, you can help him manage his fears well. 

  • Gently, let him face what can be scary. For instance, he is scared to play with a new friend. Join in and all can play together. Once he is better, move slightly away. 
  • Let your cutiepie carry his comfort item maybe a teddy or a blanket when he faces new situations.
  • Teach your child what is real and what is not. Be honest. Tell him before hand what’s going to happen in a calm tone. And above all, give the assurance that Mom is with you and all will be fine. 
  • Reassurance and a hug does wonders. If you are going out, the goodbye routine should include, Mom will come back soon OR If he is crying due to a bad dream, comfort him immediately. 
  • Never share your fears.